Solution Benefits

Insurers are working with Qumata to provide a more seamless, modern customer experience and realise new revenue opportunities in a variety of ways. From enabling more efficient cross-selling, enabling Agents to issue policies on the spot, to dynamic underwriting - see how your organisation can benefit.
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The Applicant Journey

Traditional underwriting is a lengthy and manual process. Qumata’s unique approach enables insurers to reach accurate underwriting decisions in a matter of minutes for high sum assureds. Discover how Qumata makes it simple and fast to collect digital data from applicants.
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Qumata Approach

We are taking a revolutionary approach to underwriting, using applicant’s digital data to reach accurate, consistent and cost-effective underwriting outcomes. See how we can calculate a risk profile for potential diagnosis of over 800 medical conditions - as well as individual or overall extra mortalities and extra morbidities, and our suggested underwriting decision for products such as Life, CI, Medical among others - in minutes.
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