Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qumata?
Qumata is a provider of health and fraud risk assessment solutions supporting life and health insurers worldwide. We calculate risk using personal data and have built models to support a variety of use cases.

Why do insurers use Qumata’s service?
Our approach to assessing risk is unique, fast, cost-effective and reliable. Insurers and their customers worldwide are seeing the benefits of a Qumata solution.

What kinds of risks does Qumata assess for?
We have models to assess current and future health risks as well as sophisticated fraud detection capabilities.

How does Qumata assess health risks using personal data?
We use personal data stored in a user’s smartphone or wearable, which is then run through one of our data-driven models to calculate the likelihood of a claim from a current or future health problem.

What kind of fraud can Qumata help to identify?
Qumata has algorithms built into the health risk assessment model to protect against fraudulent submission of data. We also have a standalone fraud detection model to identify both syndicate fraud and non-disclosure. Fraud is rife in certain regions and Qumata is helping to protect insurers in these markets.

How does Qumata handle the data obtained from the user?
All data that is collected is done so with the consent of the applicant. The handling of data by Qumata is fully compliant with applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards in each of the markets in which it operates.

Which products do the health risk models cover?
The models currently produce outputs for life, critical illness and health / medical products.

How long does it take to process an assessment?
Much quicker than waiting for underwriting decisions or filling out lengthy questionnaires! Our risk API usually provides a response in under a minute.

Who is currently working with Qumata?
Insurers globally are working with us using a range of products.

What technical integration options are available?
Qumata’s products can be integrated into a client’s existing app/website infrastructure or be white-labelled on Qumata’s platform.